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Winn's journey to becoming a nail artist was unexpected. As a teen she thought of being a Tattoo artist. She went to school and studied Computer Programing, Art and English. The salon life was the furthest from her mind. Winn's mother, encourage her to go to cosmetology school to learn a trade. With her aversion to hair, this didn't seem like a viable option. However, a local school offered a nail program and she reluctantly agreed.


Winn completed school and became licensed in 2005. She began performing nail services, but felt her performance coupled by her adverse reaction the acrylic system (the money marker of the time), made her an unfit candidate for the nail technician lifestyle. The fumes of the acrylic made her feel sick and she convinced herself that she was no good and chose to abandon the notion of making a living with nails and went back to secretarial work. 

In 2009 she was laid off as a result of the housing and market crash. Realizing that a myriad of people were losing their jobs, especially in her field,  she began to worry about how she was going to survive in such tumultuous times. She then realized that she had a manicuring license and thought to give the nail industry another try and found her passion for providing a safe and caring environment for people's self-care needs.

As her passion grew, so did the need to give people a place where they can be cared for and feel safe to trust the process of their nail care. This led her to open The Nail Insider in 2023, to cultivate experienced and passionate nail professionals to offer manicure, pedicure services and products to continue her vision of creating a safe and caring environment for your self care needs.

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