Client Safety


For client safety and to comply with State Board legislation, nail services are performed with disinfected/sterilized equipment, completely submerged in medical-grade Barbacide™ and then placed in a sterilizer. All files & buffers are disposed of or given to the client upon the end of service.





For health reasons, NO ACRYLIC services are offered,

including the removal of acrylics or dip powders.


Please note that the following guidelines are in place:



  •  Masks are required to enter the building.

  • If you have traveled in the last 14 DAYS, or have been in contact with anyone who has or been exposed to COVID-19. PLEASE SCHEDULE at a later date OR produce a NEGATIVE test at least 24hrs before service.

  • You will not be able to freely enter the facility. When you arrive, text me (424) 226-6193. You will need to wait outside or in your car. I will notify you by text when I am ready to admit you.


  • Along with state board cleaning guidelines, additional cleanliness per California health Department Guidelines will be implemented throughout the salon to ensure an additional layer of protection for everyone entering and leaving the building.


  • When you arrive you will need to wash your hands and scrub nails with brush provided


  • As always, if you are exhibiting ANY signs of illness (just starting or getting over), please do not come. Your nail services are not more important than the health and safety of others. Please review the 24-hour cancellation policy for further details.


  • Click link for waiver to print and bring or it can be made available for you to sign when you arrive. 

Cancellation/Late Arrivals Policy


Please be aware there may be other appointments scheduled after your service, therefore service is not guaranteed if you are more than 15 minutes late. Appointments more than 15 minutes late (depending on service) may still receive a modified service for the price of the originally booked appointment or be asked to rescheduled and charged a cancellation fee. As a courtesy to guests and service provider, please provide a 24-hour notice of appointment cancellations. The online booking service allows cancellations 24-hours prior to scheduled appointment time.



Cancellations less than the 24 hour notice time and/or “no shows” will result in a fee for the cost of the time booked. Payment will be automatically debited from the card on file. If the card cannot be charged, the ability to book will be blocked until payment is received. Repeated missed/no-show appointments will result in the inability to book future appointments.


Appointments booked with less than 3 hours of time between when the appointment was made, and when the appointment was scheduled are not subject to the cancellation policy fee. While there is no fee applied for these cancellations, you may be required to leave a non-refundable deposit and credit card on file in order to book future appointments.


Please note that cancellations can only be made through Schedulicity online, mobile app, or text. Cancellations by email are not accepted. 



Proper Gel Removal




If you elect to remove your gel polish yourself, be mindful of a few things. Peeling off the gel polish WILL damage your nails. Take your time with the removal process. Resoak if needed. Do one hand at a time. See FAQ page for further detail.

*Soak-Off gel polish is less abrasive to natural nails than acrylics or traditional hard gel, however gel polish should never be peeled from the nail bed. Please follow nail technicians recommendations for removal.